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genre; deep/tech/house/techno

Sven Dekker, also known as ZaVen is a dj and producer that has been a noticeable figure in the party scene of the Netherlands since 1997. His sound appealed to chillout & lounge lovers. ZaVen was born in 1973 in Alkmaar where he lived for 24 years. At the age of 20, his musical journey started and he walked in with his first set of Technics 1200SL, an amplifier, a Datec Mixer and two big speakers.

Though it was a challenging learning experience, through volume restrictions, family complaints and neighbours’ objections, ZaVen refused to quit his learning curve of mixing skills. On the contrary, he persisted his path to creating his own tracks and his own signature sound.
He started production on PC programs like Screamtracker and Madtracker. Those tracks were based on styles TripHop and experimental Breakbeat.  In 1998, ZaVen moved to a small village called Heiloo where he still resides today.
His first gig started in 2001 when he played at an underground party called ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at ‘De Raad’ Alkmaar. He presented the crowd with some of his own tracks and others with an underground taste of ambient records.
2005 marked a milestone for ZaVen when his mixing and production talent didn’t stay unnoticed and he was invited to play at prominent festivals, like Dance Valley in the Chill Out area. Following his success, he was inspired to divert from his usual chillout sound and started exploring arising sounds like techno, deep and tech house.
This affected his production as he was still using Madtracker, while modern programs like Cubase, Ableton, Pro-Logic were available.  People were amazed with what ZaVen could do with trackerprogram  in combination with Cool Edit Pro for sampling, yet convinced him that using modern programs will result in much better productions.
In 2014, ZaVen started to use Fruity Loops 10 interface and within couple of weeks he got his first demo tracks on Soundcloud. Lucas Fox and DMC World placed his track ‘Sky Castle’ on ‘LFSTyle in Ibiza, vol.1’ cd and Glowrec. offered ZaVen his first EP ‘Roomservice’ with 3 tech house tracks.
His EP is a combination of warm groovy beats with melodies now known to be a typical ZaVen sound.


Releases on Glowrec.:

Cover glow00006 Zaven - Roomservice 2400x2400




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