Mies Live ’74

Genre; deep/tech/house/techno/indie

Michel Doornink or Mies Live ’74 (previously worked under the name
Mr. Gargoyle) is a deep/house and techno producer/dj.

Influenced by life itself, art, film, music and spirituality.
Producing a wide range of deep colorful, surrealistic grooves and sounds, dubby stabs and vocals, acidlines, blended with freaky, phatt beats and percussion.

In May 2013 he started the label Glowrec. to release mainly his own tracks. But soon artists like Vinyl Mode, Blood’k and Zaven came on his path. Ricardos Raphie already was a good friend of his.
September the 12th 2013, Mr. Gargoyle releases his first single “Sucklight Orange“, followed by “Hallelujah, Journey!” in November that year.
2014 he produced several remixes for Artists like Alan Prosser (Element Recordings, uk.), Carlos Pires (Neo Apparatus, fr.) and Ricardos Raphie (Glowrec., nl.).
At the moment Mies Live ’74 is finishing up a couple of great tracks and working on new material for release and his Live-set. (check his latest Promo mix/liveset below)

Releases on Glowrec.:

Cover Art Release 3 PANJUS (Final2) Mr. Gargoyle - Hallelujah, Journey!  Mr. Gargoyle - Sucklight Orange

For remix requests or booking please use contact@glowrec.com
Mies Live ’74 / Mr. Gargoyle on Beatport / Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Support Glowrec. on R.A., Beatport, FaceBook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google+

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