Genre; deep/house/techno

Bloodk (real name: Adrien),
is a 21 year old electronic music producer from Belgium (Brussels).

At the time, while kids were playing football in the parc, he went each week to the solfege school, to learn music and also to learn playing saxophone (Alto). He started at the age of 8 until the age of 16 to play saxophone (Jazz & Classic). At the age of 14 he learned by himself how to work with Digital audio workstations (DAW) and started to make his first beats (Hip-hop, Reggae & Kuduro). He starts later officially to produce Dubstep, Drum and Bass & Deep House. In all his life he were interested by all kind of music, and has been influenced by a lot of genres as: Reggae, Old school Hip-Hop & Rap, Blues, Jazz, Techno, House, Classic music, Traditional music (worldwide), Funk, Disco, Religious vocals … etc.

Bloodk’s music is mainly focused on feelings and events of life. These are fundamental points of music which now a days are too much forgotten by a lot of artists. He produced songs and EP’s from different genres and also worked with other artists. And officially he’ll release his first single for 2014 signed by GlowRec.

Releases on Glowrec:

Blood'k - Bada Bing (glow00005) Mr. Gargoyle - Hallelujah, Journey!

Bloodk on Soundcloud / Facebook / Youtube


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