Hallelujah, RMX!


Meet the Guy’s who did the remix for Mr. Gargoyle’s ” Hallelujah, Journey!”

Foto Bloodk Pr mapjeBloodk

Bloodk (BE),
produces distinctive, warm, almost dreamy tracks, whether it is uplifting deep and progressive house or some phatt deep darkish dubstep.
The remix is a dreamy mix of deep house and dub influence. You will love the feel!
Bloodk on SoundCloud

Ricardos RaphieRicardos Raphie

Ricardos Raphie (NL),
is known for his straight up approach towards producing his deep/tech-house tracks. Like he did too with the “Hallelujah, Journey!” remix.
And with what a result! Make way for some deep, phatt, pounding minimal/tech-house tunes!
Ricardos Raphie released several great tracks and remixes through several cool labels (Flowmaster recordings/HouseWax records).
Ricardos Raphie on SoundCloud.


FunkRaum (NL),
is “Ooh boy” quite a guy! Making House tunes is a big part of his life for many years and it shows…
For the remix he cut up the original completely and along pre produces his own sounds in the lab.
When that was done, he plugged in his live gear and started jamming and tweaking to one’s heart’s content. Not listening to his “Live” version of “Hallelujah, Journey!” is a felony!
FunkRaum on SoundCloud
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Watch the Trailer


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